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Since 1990, our people proudly provide our partners with exclusive global maritime oil solutions. During this period we have grown to become one of the world’s largest bunker and lubricant trading houses. Our highly skilled team of over 60 traders is located among our offices at Piraeus, Buenos Aires, Limassol, Hong Kong and Vladivostok. Our aim is to be one of the top 5 bunker and lubricant trading houses in the world by 2020. To carry on our steady and controlled growth we intend to add significantly more focus on two critical areas: talent development and geographical expansion. It goes without saying that success in the latter depends on success in the former.


Establishment of BMS Bunkers in Piraeus.


Establishment of BMS in Buenos Aires.


IBS sets up office in Russia.


IBS sets up office in Hong Kong


Merger of BMS Bunkers & IBS


Ensuring timely and accurate supplies is key. As a leading supplier we comply with all industry rules and regulations. We attach our own set of terms and conditions to all our sales worldwide. This ensures global uniformity and clarity in the way we conduct our business. We believe it is essential for ensuring successful and long-term collaborations.


Within our Group we make use of the power of partnership to meet any challenges. Our success is based on development of solid partnerships with our stakeholders. We treat our partners with respect and honesty, while since 1990 we have been creating relationships of trust and understanding.


We support clients who are dedicated to high safety standards and to supplying oil extracted with the least environmental damage. In addition, we welcome the ISO: 8217 specifications and additions that limit sulphur levels and emissions and enforce more environmentally friendly characteristics for marine and distillate fuels. 

We strive to achieve excellence in everything we do. In this spirit, we are proud to sponsor Giannis Mitakis, a promising Olympic Athlete, who embodies our core values and principles. Read more about Giannis Mitakis here


Our people are a keystone of our success. We support the constant development of all our staff, while disseminating our vast knowledge, and we promote the responsible freedom of our teams in an inspiring workplace.


We are united under the goal of providing superior services under a risk conscious behavior and a serious business mindset.

Cultural Diversity

Strength lies in diversity; therefore we endorse equal opportunities within a global and multicultural working environment, in which differences are respected and discrimination is eliminated.