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At BMS United Bunkers our people and their development has always been the keystone of our success, and we are constantly searching for the best, newly graduated talents and the most skilled specialists to enhance the strength of our teams and disseminate our vast knowledge.
Talent growth is a focus area at BMS United Bunkers, and in this spirit we have established a structured Talent Development Programme – a series of goal oriented courses to educate all of our new employees. We actively support the development of our staff, and we offer freedom, responsibility, excellent career opportunities and exciting challenges working at home or stationed overseas.
At our offices across the world, and at our own international business academy, we inspire and empower our people to achieve and even surpass their full potential. At BMS United Bunkers we take their career exactly where they want it to go.


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Eleni Karlaftis, Senior Bunker Trader & Talent Development Programme (TDP) Trainer

Hello I am Eleni. I am a Senior Bunker Trader and a Talent Development Programme (TDP) Trainer. I am proud to work in BMS United for the last 15 years, a company that allowed me to experience an impressive professional and financial development.

Based on my experience, in BMS United we take training seriously. I was trained by the best and throughout my career in the company I have been supported by various training courses and seminars.Now, it is my turn to transfer the vast knowledge and experience that I have enquired while working in BMS United, to my new colleagues. Finally, I really enjoy working in a modern office with cutting-edge technologies and great, friendly and professional colleagues.


Senior Bunker Trader


Mob: +30 693 7400 461 Tel: +30 216 4000 132



Jenny Gianni, Bunker Trader

Hi, I am Jenni. I started working at BMS United in December 2014, and I hold a bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpretation of Foreign Languages. Prior to my job at BMS United I worked in a travel agency as a translator providing customer service. To me BMS United is the best place to work and to learn. As a Bunker Trader at BMS United you are given all the freedom and every opportunities for development, and I could not wish for a better start to my international career. I really love working alongside some of the best and most inspiring people in the entire bunker business. We have a unique team spirit at BMS United, which gives us that extra edge in the daily scuffle.


Bunker Trader


Mob: +30 694 0778 730 Tel: +30 216 4000 136


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