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Quality fuel and gas oil products

At competitive price levels. Bunkers is our core business since 1990, and today we are one of the largest trading houses globally.

The superior BMS United Bunkers’ service is focusing on more than sales itself. We follow up until the actual supply has been affected ensuring optimal efficiency and quality.



Timely & accurate

BMS United Bunkers offer our partners attractive quotes, while our supplies and services are carried out at the agreed time and place.

Ensuring timely and accurate supplies is vital to us, and we take great pride in being one the most reliable partners in the marine fuel oil market


Coverage, supply & service

Our widespread net of local agents and major suppliers enables us to offer the benefits of an in-depth local knowledge combined with the buying power of global coverage. Our supply and service knows no limits. Our coverage knows no boundaries.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team of dedicated and experienced bunker fuel oil traders or ask for a quote through the form on the website, click here for the form.

We keep engines

Vessel engine


Optimized marine solution

BMS United Bunkers ensure our clients an optimized marine lubricants solutions no matter if they require large quantities in bulk or smaller quantities in drums, always taking quality, pricing and logistics in account.

With our unique set-up BMS United Bunkers offer an increased efficiency through a one-stop purchase solution for bunker fuel oil and marine lubricants throughout the world.


Trusted business partner

BMS United Bunkers is a trusted business partner and enjoy close, long-term relations with all major lubricant suppliers worldwide. In addition to that we guarantee that all local brands supplied by BMS United Bunkers around the world are approved by the major engine manufacturers. As per request by our partners we accompany each delivery with data and safety sheets.


High standards

By constantly offering products and services of the highest standards, we help keep our clients’ vessels engines running smoothly and efficiently, saving significant operating costs and minimizing downtime.


BMS can guide you through the maze of the upcoming IMO sulphur cap

By 2020, all ships will have to comply with the new low sulphur marine fuel regulations.

In detail, instead of the present 3,5% limit, as of 01.01.2020 marine fuels must contain no more than 0,5% sulphur, with the exception of the ECA areas where sulphur limits will remain at 0,1%.

BMS United is constantly engaged in a rigorous dialogue with all the key stakeholders in the shipping industry, actively shaping the future of marine fuel oil procurement.

As we are thinking ahead of the 2020 deadline, we have already started providing valid information regarding the latest developments, through various online platforms, conferences or even private seminars upon request.

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