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First Voyage for European LNG Bunker Tanker

Skangas duel fuel LNG carrier Coral Energy (image credit/Skangas) Liquified natural gas (LNG) bunker tanker Coralius has made its first trip loading and delivering LNG to and from Norwegian ports, according to trade press reports. The 5,800 cubic meter capacity tanker, which is owned by Norwegian gas company Skangas, was delivered to the company in June. Skangas also operates LNG carrier Coral Energy. "Skangas off

OPEC Cutback Extension to be Discussed in November, But Developments Could Render Any Deal Meaningless

Analysts say everything from Saudi exploration to rising tensions with North Korea could radically alter the dynamics of the international market. File Image / Pixabay Ever since the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) extended the duration of its production cuts earlier this year to March of 2018, speculation has been rampant that the meager cutback volume coupled with the large number of members

Post-Harvey Recovery Has Commenced, But Analysts Warn of Huge Inventory Build Up

One expert says an additional 50 million barrels could be added to stocks. File Image / Pixabay As expected, with some U.S. refineries resuming operation in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, gasoline prices on Friday declined for the first time - by about 2 percent - since the arrival of the storm, and the crack spread or difference between U.S. gasoline and crude oil fell by over 5 percent. Meanwhile, West Texas Interm

Bunker Sales Decline in Russian Far East Market Has Levelled Off: Results of the Half-Year 1H 2017

The decline has slowed, but Far East bunker sales are half of 2014 levels. File Image / Pixabay Foreign currency-denominated sales of bunker fuel oil in the Russian far east amounted to 1.92mn t in the first half of this year, largely flat from a year earlier. Fuel sales levelled off in 2017 after falling throughout the two previous years. By comparison, in the first half of 2014 fuel oil sales were around 4mn t, or twice as high. The decline slowed down as a result of a

Analysts Doubtful Saudis, Russia Can Follow Through on Promises to Get Tough on Cutback Cheaters

Analysts have questioned the efficacy of Russia's on-going aid to Venezuela's PDVSA. Given that the crude market surges and ebbs depending on what producers promise and then deliver, analysts are now wondering if Saudi Arabia and Russia, which last month promised to get tough on Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) cutback cheaters, can actually walk the walk. The question comes as officials from

Oil Ends the Week Firm, but Downward Correction Is Coming: Barclays

Fridays gains were also driven by a good U.S. jobs report rather than improved fundamentals. File Image / Pixabay After a week of troubling price declines due to worry over building stockpiles caused by U.S. and Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) production, crude on Friday rose 1.1 percent - but due to a strong U.S. jobs report rather than any improvement in fundamentals. West Texas Intermedia

OPEC Meeting to Discuss Oil Cutback Failures Comes As Worries Grow Over Venezuela's Potential Collapse

Calamity in Venezuela may be good news for the crude market. Although considerable scrutiny has already been focused by the analytical community on why certain members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) are falling behind in their pledges to limit production under the cartel's cutback agreement, people familiar with the matter told Bloomberg that OPEC will convene in Abu Dhabi as early as

More Crude Increases Cause Analysts to Declare that a Rebalance is Nigh

Recent events cast doubt on whether healthier demand/supply is truly in the offing. The final week of July is turning out to be a modest winning streak for oil, with West Texas Intermediate yet again climbing on Thursday, this time by 29 cents to $49.04, and Brent rising 56 cents to $51.53 per barrel. The gains were the result of Wednesday's news from the Energy Information Agency of a 7.2 million barrel decline in

Analysts Differ on the Regions But Agree That Geopolitical Risk Weighs Heavily Against Crude

Geopolitical woes could impact demand or send prices skyrocketing. Geopolitical risk in the Middle East and beyond was one of the many fears analysts expressed this week in forecasting what's in store for the crude market after days of disappointing losses - and as West Texas Intermediate and Brent posted more declines on Friday, the topic was raised again, with two experts offering opposing views of what might happen

Weekly Crude Losses Skirt a 10-Month Low Thanks to Overly-Sensitive Traders: Analyst

Iran has teased the idea of deeper cuts to rebalance the market. Although West Texas Intermediate on Friday rose 27 cents to settle at $43.01 and Brent climbed 29 cents to $45.51, crude remained down for a fifth consecutive week - and skirted a 10 month low, causing critics to once again cite the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) for failing to reduce the global glut via its production cutback a

Crude Heading for Biggest Drop in 20 Years as Traders Reject OPEC Cutback Effectiveness

Despite U.S. oil inventories falling by a larger than expected 2.7 million barrels last week according to the Energy Information Administration, traders reasserted their bearish sentiment on Tuesday by causing West Texas Intermediate to drop 2.25 percent to $42.53 and Brent to fall $1.20 to $44.82 per barrel. Even Saudi Arabia's decision to replace Muhammad bin Nayef with Mohammad bin Salman as crown prince didn't sway the market, which is pre

Get Set For a Return to the $30s, Say Two Oil Experts

With U.S. crude falling into bear territory on Tuesday, analysts are now openly expecting the next stop is a return to $30 per barrel - with nothing on the horizon apart from a vague hope of a U.S. shale slowdown to suggest a price recovery is imminent. Amrita Sen, chief oil analyst at Energy Aspects, told Bloomberg television that the Nigerian and Libyan production recoveries have negatively impacted the Organization of the Petroleum Exportin

Oil Down Again as Analyst Declares "The Market is in Trouble"

Thursday's trading activity also sees a return of the mantra "lower for longer." As oil settled lower yet again on Thursday due to the surprise build in U.S. inventories reported earlier this week, analysts are stating that a new price range has been reached and that "lower for longer" is the new norm everyone will have to get used to. Brent settled down 8 cents to $46.92 per barrel, its weakest showing since May 5

Oil Market Rebalance Not So Imminent, says OPEC, Blaming U.S. Shale, Libya, and Nigeria for Rising Output

CNBC host says tepid 2017 demand rates will make rebalancing impossible. After basing the legitimacy of its initial crude cutback initiative, and more recently its extension, on the argument that it was resulting in an imminent market rebalance, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) on Tuesday admitted that the recovery is now underway at a "slower pace" - and that the cartel's output in May inc

Oil Edges Up But It's Still a Buyer's Market - and $55 is a Long Way Off

At least one analyst is lukewarm over glowing reports about Saudi cutbacks. Oil prices on Tuesday crept upward after a flat trading week due to reports that total U.S. crude and product stockpiles jumped by the most since 2008, but even though Saudi Arabia continues to hold the market together, analysts say it might be some time before we see $55 per barrel again. West Texas Intermediate settled up 38 cents to $46.4

OPEC Member Calls for More Countries in the Cartel, as Commerzbank Says Their Only Option is to Boost Production

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) may be shrinking in influence, but it may soon grow in size, with its newest member Equatorial Guinea calling on other African producers to join the cartel and protect the value of their resources. Gabriel Obiang, the nation's minister of mines, industry, and energy told delegates to a conference in Cape Town, "African countries that are producing the same as Equatorial Guinea, or ev

U.S. Crude Build Triggers 5% Price Slide

The media is referring to it as "unexpected," but those focused on fundamentals presumably were not surprised Wednesday when news of a big U.S. stockpile rise caused West Texas Intermediate to plummet 5.1 percent to $45.72 and Brent to drop 3.7 percent to $48.27 per barrel. The Energy Information Administration revealed that crude stocks have swollen by 3.3 million barrels to 513 million barrels, contrary to the 3.5 million drop many forecaste

Bunker Spill Found in Denmark's Aalbaek Bay

Several cubic meters of oil were spilled in the waters of Aalbaek Bay Friday night. Several cubic meters of oil were spilled in the waters of Aalbaek Bay Friday night during a bunkering operation involving the Danish-flagged tanker Aalborg and the Maltese-flagged container ship Koznitza, Danish media reports. The bunkering operation is reported to have been immediately halted once the spill was detected, and an oil

Analysts Say China, not OPEC, Dictates Oil Price - but Monday Trading Still Swayed by Cutback Extension

Investors are placing their faith in the argument that inventories will tighten later this year. With holidays in the U.S., United Kingdom, and other countries, crude trading was fairly muted on Monday, climbing for a second consecutive session and accompanied by further arguments that the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is no longer the driving force in swaying prices. Specifically, China h
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