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Navios Maritime on Dry Bulk: As Difficult a Market as Ever Existed in Shipping

The CEO of Navios Maritime has never experienced as difficult a shipping market. 

Russian Fuel Oil Exports Drop by 15.6 Percent in January

Some companies were said to be delaying exports in order to benefit from a $42.60 per tonne duty

Rotterdam Sees First Uptick in Vessel Arrivals in 9 Years

The Port of Rotterdam Authority says the port has seen an increase in the number of vessels arriving at the port for the first time in nine years.

Moving Away from HFO Key to Achieving Sustainable Shipping, Says SSI

The SSI's says its Vision for 2040 is to reduce shipping's reliance on HFO, diversifying to a mix of low carbon energy sources.

LR: Singapore, Hong Kong Mass Flow Meters Level the Playing Field for Bunkering

Douglas Raitt from LR says mass flow metering systems have provided support in Singapore and Hong Kong to ensure fairness and accuracy.

Shanghai Plans Six More Shore Power Generators for Cruise Terminals

Shanghai is planning to add six more generators to support shore power at the city's cruise ship terminals.

Chinese Shipbuilder Sainty Marine Begins Bankruptcy Restructuring on Market Woes

State-owned shipbuilder, Sainty Marine, is said to be the first listed shipbuilder in China to enter bankruptcy and reorganisation.

First of Three Hybrid Eco-Friendly Tugs Delivered to Dutch Navy

The Royal Netherlands Navy took delivery of Noordzee, the first of three diesel-electric hybrid tugs, on Saturday.

Shipping Industry Making Waves In Progress Towards Sustainability: SSI Annual Report

The CEO of the Sustainable Shipping Initiative, Alastair Fischbacher, commented on the release of the organization's annual report.

China MSA Issues Guidance for Supervision and Administration of New ECA

The China Maritime Safety Administration has issued a notice that details the requirements for ships calling ports within China's new ECAs.

Star Bulk Joins Capesize Vessel Pool

Star Bulk has included nine of its Capesize dry bullk vessels in a pooling agreement.

China COSCO Shipping Aiming for 2 Million TEU Capacity by 2018

China COSCO Shipping was officially launched on Friday China COSCO Shipping C

Baltic Dry Index Edges Up Again, as Players Agree Scrapping is the Only Way to Get Real Recovery

The BDI continued upward Monday, gaining one point to land at 316. The Baltic

Bunkers Stolen from Vessel at Anchor off Chinese Coast

About 39 mt of low sulfur MGO is reported to have been stolen from the 176,346 DWT Nord Power on January 1, 2016.

Texas Congressman Says US Will Boost Shale Oil Production if OPEC, Other Nations Cut Theirs

Joe Barton, Republican congressman for Texas says the US has killed OPEC Joe

Baltic Dry Index Continues to Rise, Hits 313, as Idling of 3yr Old Vessels is Now Being "Seriously Considered"

Golden Ocean Group Ltd. CEO Herman Billung says he is confident there will be "massive scrapping" of older vessels.

New DHL Service Offers Efficient Tonnage Option to Customers

DHL's new Green Danmar service allows customers to choose a container carrier that is over 5 percent more carbon efficient than industry average.

Baltic Dry Index Rises for 4th Consecutive Day to 307 as Scrapping Accelerates

The Baltic Dry Index continued its positive movement on Wednesday, gaining 6 points to reach 307.

Saudi Arabia, Russia, Qatar, Venezuela Agree to Oil Output Freeze

Analysts say the initiative will have little or no effect. Although Saudi Ara

CMA CGM and China COSCO Look to Solidify New Mega-Alliance

A CMA CGM and China COSCO led mega-alliance has potential to split up three of the four current main East-West shipping alliances.
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