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New Fuel Cell Tech Could be Ideal for LNG Powered Vessels

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is said to be developing the fuel cell that could be ideally suited for use on vessels using LNG as fuel.

Container Vessel Sees 30% Diesel Fuel Savings with Nanotech Coatings

The Nansulate High Heat temperature control coating is said to have demonstrated fuel savings in container vessels.

Detained Bulker Could Get Trapped by Ice on Great Lakes

Bulker Cornelia may be trapped in the Great Lakes by winter ice if not released from its current U.S. legal detention on Lake Superior.

Authorities Warn Russian Fuel Oil Spill Could be an "Ecological Disaster"

Oil booms are reported to have been installed and large sections of the Sakhalin Island beach are said to have been successfully cleaned.

ESI Encourages Vessels to Operate "More Efficiently Than Required"

The Environmental Ship Index programme is said to have seen the registration of 3600 vessels.

OPEC's Oil Output Hits Three-Year High

November's 31.695 million barrel per day total exceeds the anticipated 2016 demand for OPEC crude.

Still No Mention of Shipping in New Thursday Draft of COP21 Climate Deal

Discussions in Paris over the deal, which has not yet been finalised, are now expected to run on until Saturday.

COP21: No Reference to Shipping in Final Climate Deal, Green Groups Voice Disappointment

Green groups say climate deal goals can not be achieved unless shipping, along with aviation, "urgently rein in their emissions."

Singapore Posts Another Huge Month of Bunker Sales, 2015 Now Almost Certain to be Biggest Year Ever

For 2015 Singpaore has a very real chance of being close to, if not exceeding, the 45 million mt mark.

Bankruptcy Proceedings Initiated for Lithuanian Shipping Company

The Klaipeda Regional Court initiated bankruptcy for the Lithuanian Shipping Company company on Tuesday.

China Signals Oil Prices are Too Low

China's decision to halt fuel price cuts gives oil a price floor of $38. A de

Port of Rotterdam: Union Votes a "Massive Yes" to Strike Action

Dockworkers' unions in Rotterdam are threatening January 1 strike action if their members reject the port authority and employers' current offer.

South Africa Sees Opportunity to Increase Bunker Storage For Clean Fuels

South Africa's ports could see growing business in clean fuel bunkers, according to President Jacob Zuma.

Oil Price Plummet Could Cause Venezuela to Default in Early 2016

Traders see a 71 percent chance the country will default within the next 12 months.

OPEC "Living in a Time Warp" say Critics, As Cartel Releases its Latest World Oil Outlook

The World Oil Outlook updates its predictions on oil out to 2040. In declarin

Antwerp Prepares for Construction of LNG Bunker Barge Station

The Port of Antwerp is preparing for the construction of a LNG bunker station for barges.

Panama Posts Improved Monthly Bunker Sales

The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) has reported October saw both a year-on-year, and month-on-month improvement in its bunker sales. The latest data, which was for the first time reported in metric tonnes (mt) compared to previous reports which were stated in barrels, indicated October's total sales volume was 323,770 mt. “ October's sales comprised of 301,100 mt of fuel oil bunkers and 22,670 mt of distillate product This compares with

US Oil Companies Set to Be Sidelined When Iran Sanctions Are Lifted

American companies such as  ExxonMobil and Chevron will be left on the sidelines when sanctions are lifted.

Dry Bulk Gets Boost from Argentina Export Tax Change

Argentina is shaping up as a possible bright spot in an otherwise depressed global market for dry bulk.

Iran Predicts Flooded Oil Market Can Still Hit $50 per Barrel in 2016

Iran says it is not worried about a fall of its oil income Iran's oil income
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