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New Analysis Predicts "Astounding" Growth in Global LNG Bunkering Market

Transparency Market Research says the LNG bunkering market will expand at 63.6 percent CAGR.

China Approves Another Shipping Merger

Sinotrans & CSC Holdings will become a wholly owed subsidiary of China Merchants Group, no longer directly controlled by the SASA.

Iran Will "Oppose" Any Bid to Stabilize Oil Market Due to Saudi Conflict

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has predicted "divine vengeance" for the execution An

Iran: "We Will Adjust Our Output To The Global Market's Demand"

Mohsen Qamsari says "the amount of exports highly depends on the future condition of the market."

Low Gas, Crude Prices Slowing Investment in Asian LNG Bunkering: Read Smith

Low gas prices in Asia are slowing investment. Despite liquefied natural gas

Gibraltar Reports Increased Bunkering Activity in 2015

GPA the total number of ships calling at the port for bunkers and the quantity of fuel delivered both grew during 2015. The Gibraltar Port Authority (GPA) Friday in an emailed press release announced that its annual performance review shows that the total number of ships calling at the port for bunkers and the quantity of fuel delivered both grew during 2015. "Whilst early days, this trend reinforces Gibraltar's position as the Mediterrane

More Bad News for Dry Bulk: Baltic Dry Index Falls to ANOTHER Record Low of 415

The dry bulk sector's key benchmark has been at a fresh record low on five of the six reporting days of the year so far.

Panama Canal Construction Consortium Facing Criminal Investigation

GUPC is facing an investigation after a criminal complaint was filed against it relating to cost overrun claims

As Crude Prices Plummet, OPEC Members Yet Again Disagree on Need to Hold an Emergency Meeting

Suhail bin Mohammed al-Mazroui says the OPEC strategy is working. For the sec

Sri Lanka Seeking Strong Player to Sell Bunkers at Hambantota

SLPA Chairman Dhammika Ranatunga says the new bunker supplier 'has to be a strong player with competitive pricing."

Singapore Grants Extra 10% Port Dues Discount for Containerships

The MPA has announced that, as of January 15, container vessels at the Port of Singapore will be eligible for an extra 10% discount on port dues.

Rotterdam Throughput Grows by 4.9% in 2015 to Reach Record Level

A throughput growth of 4.9% at the Port of Rotterdam is said to be "almost entirely attributable" to the increase in crude oil and oil product transport.

Saudi Arabia's Oil Strategy Causing "The Worst Internal Crisis" in OPEC's History

John Defterios, emerging markets editor for CNN Money, says OPEC is "deeply divided" into 2 camps.

Baltic Dry Index Falls to Fresh Record Low of 369, Panamax Rates Fall Under $3,000

On Monday, average spot TC rates fell to $2,730 per day for capesizes, $2,999 per day for Panamax, and $4,060 per day for Supramax.

USCG Issues Additional LNG Bunkering Guidance After Witnessing "Release of LNG and/or Near Misses"

The U.S. Coast Guard has released additional guidance on LNG bunkering operations through two separately issued field notices.

OPEC Predicts Increased Oil Demand in 2016 While Analysts Anticipate Further Price Reductions

OPEC also says 2016 is the year in which "the rebalancing process starts." Th

Malta Says it is Falling Short of its Potential in Mediterranean Bunker Market

The Maltese government is said to be reviewing the country's oil bunkering regulations in hopes of increasing it presence in the bunkering sector.

Oil Demand Growth Stymied by Warm Weather and Lousy Global Economics: IEA

IEA says OPEC crude output in December slowed by 90,000 barrels per day Warm

Panama Plans Accession to BWM and Hong Kong Conventions

Panama has announced that it has begun the process of accession for both the Ballast Water Management and Hong Kong Conventions.

Dry Bulk Index Falls to Another Historic Low of 355, But Demand is Not The Problem, Says Analyst

The Dry Bulk Index has now been at a record low for the last 13 consecutive trading days, and fallen every day so far in 2016.
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