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Aegean Renews its $1 Billion Borrowing Base

Aegean was said to have received improved terms reflecting market conditions 

Troubled Bunker Supplier Loses Loan Funds

Andatee received a notice of default on September 3 for a $300,000 10 percent secured convertible promissory note.

Massive Bunker Spill at Pearl Harbor

U.S Navy records show that a 5 million gallon subsurface oil plume has been collecting over the years at Hawaii's Pearl Harbor.

Interferry Conference to Explore "Game-Changing" Driverless Ships, Fuel-Saving Technologies, and Zero-Emissions Initiatives

Oskar Levander, VP of innovation, engineering & technology at Rolls-Royce Marine says unmanned shipping is the way of the future.

Scientist Calls for Singapore ECA

Dr. Erik Velasco acknowledged that shipping was not the only cause of the pollution in Singapore

Dry Bulk Downturn Claims Another Victim as Shipper Files for Bankruptcy

Global Maritime Investments Cyprus Ltd. filed on Tuesday. Weak dry bulk rates

North American ECA Rules Spurring Newbuild Orders in 2015 to Seven-Year Highs

Carriers are reportedly looking to circumvent the new nitrogen oxide emission requirements which come into effect at the beginning of 2016.

New Hires, New Office for Sea Trader International in Shanghai

Mr. Kevin Wo has been appointed as sales manager of the new office in Shanghai

Port of Antwerp Completes First LNG Bunkering Operation on Seagoing Vessel

The Sefarina was also reportedly to the first ship to obtain a particulates discount.

Air Quality Monitoring Called for Cruise Ships Docked in Australian Port

Tasmania's Hobart City Council Committee says it wants air quality monitoring to determine if docked cruise ships pose a health hazard.

Japan's First LNG-fueled Vessel to Serve Yokohama, Kawasaki Ports

Sakigake will also be fuelled from a tanker truck at a Yokohama pier. Japan's

Rolls-Royce to Supply Fuel-Saving Propellors for Hybrid-Ready, Bio-Diesel Powered Ferry

Rolls-Royce says the full feathering propellors will enable the operator to reduce the amount of engine power needed during the ferry’s crossings.

Hijacked Cargo Ship Found off the Coast of Miri, Malaysia

The captain of Sam Lian said the ship began drifting after suffering engine failure.

Singapore Smashes Monthly Bunker Sales Record

Singapore, the world's biggest bunkering port by volume has smashed its monthly bunker sales record, with the latest preliminary data from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) showing August volumes for all products totalled 4,287,800 metric tonnes (mt). It is the first time more than 4 million mt has been sold at the port in a single month, beating the previous record of 3,985,700 mt set in May 2012 by a substantial margin of

Political Groups Argue for Shipping to Be Included in Paris Climate Deal

The groups argue that there is now no "reasonable excuse" from exempting shipping from an emissions target.

New Algae Proves a Promising Source of Biofuel

A breakthrough has enabled the algae to be grown easily and abundantly outdoors.

Two New Zealand Tankers Promise 25 Percent Bunker Savings

Coastal Oil Logistics has charted two new vessels to transport oil products for four fuel companies.

Vessel Arrests in Singapore, India as ING Ramps Up Collection of OW Bunker Debts

Product tankers Celosia and Iris were arrested in Singapore, while Sunrise Eco was arrested in Sikka, India.

Clean Marine to Supply Scrubbers for Two Newbuilds

Clean Marine will supply scrubbers for two reefer/ fishing support vessels, currently under construction for Malta's EF Transport.

LNG Bunkers Still Attractive Long Term Despite Oil Price Slide

The Society for Gas as a Marine Fuel suggested that shipowners should focus on longer term maintenance benefits that LNG brings.
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