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Gibraltar Marks Second Consecutive Year of Bunkering Growth

2016 saw growth in both the number of vessels calling at Gibraltar for bunkers and in the quantity of fuel delivered.

The Gibraltar Port Authority (GPA) Monday announced that 2016 saw the second consecutive year of growth in terms of the number of vessels calling at Gibraltar for bunkers, as well as the quantity of fuel delivered.

"After hosting a hugely successful, high profile international bunker convention in Gibraltar last November, it is very pleasing to reinforce our status as a premier maritime hub in the Mediterranean with such positive annual results," said Bob Sanguinetti, GPA CEO and Captain of the Port.

"I look forward to continuing to work very closely with our valued partners across the shipping community to ensure that the positive trend of these past two successful years endures into the future."

In general, GPA reports growth across most areas of the port's activity for the 2016 year, including an increase in the overall number of vessels calling the port.

Further, for the the 2016 year, GPA reports an increase in ship to ship transfers in the bay, off port limit transfers, and in occupancy rates at the Eastern Anchorage.

"This is great news for Gibraltar, particularly against the backdrop of a challenging year for global shipping. The positive trends reflect the outstanding work of the GPA to further improve efficiency in the harbour, and to relentlessly pursue its marketing and engagement strategy," said Gilbert Licudi, Minister for Maritime Affairs.

"It is also testament to the solid partnership across the wider port community in Gibraltar, and to the invaluable drive and support of the shipping agents, bunker suppliers and other service providers."



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