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BMS United expands its presence as a physical supplier in the Mediterranean, with its newest physical set-up at the Dardanelles Straits in Turkey.

Enabling a new supply option at the Turkish Straits offering Fuel Oil and LSMGO 0.1%, supplying by barge or trucks, at the locations listed below, we answer our clients’ needs, ensuring timely, flexible and high-quality refueling solutions in the area.

By supplying your vessel at the Dardanelles Strait, you have a chance to pass the Bosphorus Strait fast and efficiently by lifting bunkers prior to your entry into the strait, thus taking advantage of the two- way traffic of the Dardanelles instead of the one- way traffic of Bosphorus Strait.


2 Barges

IFO Capacity: up to 3800MT

LSMGO 0.1% Capacity: 750 MT

ISO 8217:2010 specs


For more information regarding bunkering in Turkey, click here.

Physical Supply